Volcanic Oddysey: Third Stop Crater Lake

After our Lava Beds adventure, we drove an easy 48 miles north on Highway 97 to Chiloquin, Ore., and the Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, where we enjoyed easy parking and a surprisingly quiet two nights boon docking. Since we arrived so early in the day, it was only a few more minutes until we were on our way to see the storied Crater Lake blue.

An auspicious arrival behind a classic car and a motorcycle is like a whole adventure in itself!

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We stopped at a couple of roadside attractions on our way to the Rim Village Visitor Center, and we made sure to pinpoint the trolley location, while there, for our scheduled tour the next day. Early reservations for the tour are a must. We called three or four days ahead, and the trolleys were already almost full. Check them out here.

The visitor center is THE place to get the scoop about all there is to see and do at Crater Lake National Park. Their website was inadequate when it came to daily activities in the park, so one might call a week or two ahead to ask about events, activities, tips and tricks for a fabulous visit.

Even though we didn’t plan ahead to take advantage of ranger-led walks, we still reveled in the adventures we did have. We hiked some of the shorter trails and thoroughly enjoyed exploring and reading everything we came across at the village and on the drive around the rim.

Bonus Adventure!

On our way back to the RV after a full day at Crater Lake, we saw a sign and took a quick left…read more here.



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