Volcanic Oddysey 3-1/2: Train Mountain!


What a wonderful discovery we made on our way back down the road from visiting Crater Lake in Central Oregon. Train Mountain is much more than a railroad museum, it’s a model railroad enthusiast’s dream. There are so many miles of 1/8-scale track, they can operate seven model locomotives at once. There is also a smaller-scale track with a gnome village theme.

“I think they are yard sale fiends,” our tour/train operator said during the impressive ride around their property, which features several scale-size settlements, bridges, crossings, tunnels and entertaining scenery of all sorts. We seriously thought about buying a model train set and joining their club!

Even better, we shared the idea of the Harvest Host (HH) program with them and the new HH owners. The new owners quickly followed up, and joy of joys, they joined! So now, all you RVers who travel north or south through Central Oregon, possibly those going to Crater Lake, like us, have a new place to park and have adventures!

Those who aren’t Harvest Host members, though, will have to park where we did, at the casino in Chiloquin. It was okay, but we’d prefer the Train Mountain grounds any day. We’d love to go back, but it’s getting cold in northern Oregon, where we are now. It’s time to visit more Harvest Host locations on our way east toward Idaho, then south in a hurry with the first snow.

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