Smitten by Michigan!

From Spartan School shenanigans in Charlotte to the marvelous museums of Kalamazoo, we were smitten by Michigan!


Spartan RV Academy was great! Both of us learned a lot about our coach chassis. Knowing how our modern air brake system actually works, makes us much more comfortable. A personal driving lesson for the Class A newbie was another great experience, and even the 20-year veteran big rig driver learned something new.

The week is full with school, but come the weekend, it’s museum time for us! We spent one day at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo. What a fantastic concept for a museum. There are amusement park rides, such as flying hot air balloons and airplanes for the kiddies, and there are combat, scenic and 3-D flight simulators for taller kids. Lines are long midday, but when slow, one can just keep flying!

Exhibits are phenomenal, and kids of all ages enjoy several interactive “play” stations. Take hand cleaner, because you will want to experience things hands on, just like hundreds of other visitors that day.

We were totally amazed by the Gilmore Car Museum in Kalamazoo, as well. Several historic barns are resurrected on site, and each houses a distinct museum. There is also retro town of museums, including an old gas station and showrooms for cars and motorcycles. We wish we’d spent a full day there, but we forgot to set an alarm! They actually offer primitive camping on site, so spending two full days here would be a dream, and there’s an $18 pass for that!

Moo-VilleCreamery is another nearby attraction. We heard the best ice-cream in the world is to be had here. There is a petting zoo-type area for kiddies to run amok in, with beautiful outdoor seating areas beside the parking lot, where adults can watch all the cuteness. I worried about the dairy farm smell, but actually, it was not that bad. So this would be a great overnight stop to extend visits to this gorgeous, history-full area. Learn more here. about the membership required for overnight stays at places like this.

If you are craft beer enthusiasts, take tours of the two Bells breweries, then go for pairings at their Eccentric Cafe.

motorhome and small car sit on the grass next to a dirt road with trees and blue sky in the background
The Bellevue Campground is wide open once one crests the small hill at the entrance, and it’s a peaceful and clean setting well away from highway noises.

The Bellevue Campground is an excellent place to stay while touring the area more extensively. This hidden gem is a travel trailer club park, but they also accept Passport America members.

View up narrow dirt road
Do we hear banjos playing? Siri’s directions onto this dirt road make us think so!

After about a mile down a well-maintained dirt road, the entrance was a little scary, but only because we didn’t know how open it would be once we made that final approach over the little hill. Funny how one wants to see where one is going in a big rig before committing to the path ahead. Call the Bellvue at 269-763-3551, or map it, 7418 Baseline Hwy, Bellevue MI.

Visit this website for more info about touring Kalamazoo.

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