Route 66 – Winslow, Arizona

Homolovi State Park and Winslow, Arizona

Ancient remains of Hopi pueblos and a few petroglyphs can be explored at Homolovi State Park, and there are desert trails for those who wish to hike instead of drive to each site. We even saw RVs parked at each area, so Homolovi can also be a day trip between stopovers elsewhere. Be sure to stop in the Visitor Center for extra information, interpretive displays and to scan the QR bar code for this 45-minute audio tour of Homolovi II: 

ancient pueblo kiva walls and floor
A large Kiva showed signs of use by women and weavers.
People have gathered pottery sherds from different eras of habitation and arranged them for passersby to see.
three flags fly on pole, from top is U.s., then Hopi, then Arizona
U.S., Hopi Nation and Arizona flags fly above the Homolovi State Park visitor center.
large wild Cat fur ball puke on dirt trail
Signs along the trail…


Homolovi State Park campground was a very easy in-and-out, even if the narrow entrance road made us nervous at first. Price for 50 amp electric and water site was $30. We had site 28, which was a little effort to get the big rig level on. 24 looked better. They were two of the several available sites for our stay. Verizon is strong; clear sky for satellite, not much on antenna TV, and plenty to see and do in area.  We stayed two nights and would have extended our stay, if our site had been available. We wanted to make a day trip to the Little Painted Dessert about 15 miles north on Highway 87, and to the Hopi village, about 45 minutes north of that.

standing on the corner park in winslow arizona
Standing on the Corner Park in Winslow, Arizona.

Winslow is a couple of minutes from Homolovi, and we saw RVs parked on the streets there as well. There are bulb outs with plenty of parking all through town, especially within a few steps of Standing on the Corner Park where an endless stream of tourists pose for photos with the statues and the flatbed ford. We decided mornings would be a better time to get a photo here due to the strong backlight in the afternoons.

burgers with relic fries, spiral cut potato chips on a wooden skewerWe had a wonderful lunch at Relic Road Brewery across the street, but they did not brew on site, nor have any Relic Road brand brews on hand. I had a Dragoon IPA and Stu had a double chocolate porter by SanTan Brewing. They were okay, but not as good as our favorites, like Deschutes.

We both tried one of their signature burgers, with bean burger patties instead of beef. They also offer a Portobello version. The relic chips were fantastic, if a tad on the greasy side.

We were put out at the high-fructose on the Heinz Ketchup label, but then we were not at home, where ingredients are mostly organic and chosen carefully. Sometimes one just has to relax the standards a bit and enjoy the experience of dining out at such a great place. We enjoyed a window seat in the back room, where we watched that endless stream of people photographing themselves next to the bronze statues.

We also enjoyed walking a trail between Standing on the Corner Park and the visitors center. There were some fun museum-quality displays along the trail, including one of the renowned Toth Totems, but we were sad to see so many piles of dog poop and no poop bags in the dispensers. Maybe the local chamber should start a shame campaign? IDK It’s a crappy shitiation…

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