Route 66 – Flagstaff, Arizona and the Walnut Canyon Cliff Dwellings

rock overhang with cave-like rooms built by adding rock walls with doorways.
Wouldn’t you love to spread out a blanket in one of these rooms, enjoy views of other cliff dwellings across the canyon, and ponder what life was like here centuries ago?

Fabulous flagstaff adventures abound! Ours included excellent RV service and cliff dwelling discovery, but RV park prices were more than the value received.

After a family rendezvous at the Grand Canyon, we needed to extend our stay, due to a failed water pump and entry step motor.

We stayed Kit Carson RV Park, in Flagstaff, which was quite overpriced for its uneven sites and leaky faucet that went un-repaired. The desk clerk took only our last name and money for one night stay, so at least check-in was fast and easy.

We woke to SWAT action the next morning. It ended up being an attempted suicide, which resolved with no shots fired, no body bag required. That wasted much of the day, so we had to stay another night.

Fire department vehicles and construction workers blocked our exit the next morning. A broken tree ominously leaned over power lines toward an RV, and crew members quickly felled it safely with no damage whatsoever. The power never even went out. It was amazing to watch! We DO have adventures of all sorts, don’t we?

Exploration of the cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon National Monument is an excellent way to spend the day. One can either take the rim trail with no steps, or one can explore via stairways with landings and benches. There are some restored dwellings on the trail which allow for immersion.

If we ever go back, I think a picnic blanket would spread out real nice in a room with a view. Imaging sitting there and contemplating what life was like for the people there centuries ago.

Naturally, our minds wandered in just such a direction, and we wondered how they went to the bathroom. Hey, it’s a real question, but neither one of us was brave enough to ask a ranger. Also next time, a ranger led walk might be nice.

1950s bar stools and table made with glass-covered tire and a big gear stand on the floor

double-bowl pet food dish with peanuts in one side
These dishes are for human pets, and the peanuts are free at the Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill. What a hoot!

route 66 sign painted on wall with two country crows on the sides

Camping World had our water pump in stock, said they always do. They did not have step motor and counter person did not even know what it was. We were not impressed and wandered next door to Arizona Route 66 RVs.

They sure took care of us and our problems quite nicely. Then they allowed us to boondock so we could fully enjoy the Route 66 Roadhouse Bar & Grill next door.

Features included 1950s and antique automotive decor, a good beer selection and some hot baked potatoes we loaded up with fixin’s from the salad bar.

The bar stools were soon filled by a Canadian biker group, and two biker couples from East Germany came and sat at a table near us. They traveled on rental Harleys and were all outfitted in black leathers and souvenir T-shirts.

Meat eaters must buy and cook their chops or steaks on a grill area set up in the corner of the dining room. A wall of spices behind the grill has seasonings for all! Interesting concept, but some people want someone else to do the cooking when they go out to eat. The potatoes were already cooked.

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