Pet portraits for desk, dash or purse

colored pencil drawing on a notecard of an airedale
Young Izarra gives us a lopsided grin one windy day, after her first swimming adventure. Several copies of this notecard and a denim notepad cover to match were given to her humans after she passed.

This is the first in hopefully a long line of beloved pet portraits. Taking hobbies on the road presents some difficulties, like many of you already know. While chalk pastel was once the medium of choice, it was a messy one. Colored pencil is an interesting switch, but not the same as graphite pencils, which was another, also messy favorite. The colored versions stick better to paper than to skin, table and floor. Joy!

I wanted to make something special with it, but four years of living on the road skewed my perspective. Since it’s nice to keep a notepad handy, and not nice trying to figure out how to decorate the place with favorite photos or art, I decided to make a frame for it out of a notepad cover. And now it’s taken out of the purse daily, or set on the table, where it’s fondled, er handled, every day. Fond memories and a clear, sharp photograph were tools used for reference in the drawing of Izarra. In lieu of fond memories, stories shared by others would do.

Commission requests are welcome!

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