Northeastern Indiana Brewpubs

We enjoyed exploring brewpubs and museums in Northeastern Indiana for more than a month during the late fall.

Factory Service at Entegra Coach was our reason for going north instead of south at that time of year. Some things on our list took a while, but even though our teeth were chattering, cold brews were still much appreciated.

Elkhart was lots of fun with brew pubs like lechyd Da and the Chubby Trout.

Our favorite, though, was the Goshen Brewery, even though they ran out of stout during our first visit. Casual it was, but oh so fine. Their veggie Pad Thai is heavenly!

thick white plate covered with fries and a veggie sammie and a glass of amber beer in back
Interesting veggie options at Goshen Brewing Company include pickled carrots on a portabella sammie. Tip: go early on the Phad Thai day, it’s gone quick!
Beer menu with descriptions for each written on chalkboard
Oh no, they erased the stout at Goshen Brewing Company just when we walked in the door. Another keg was set to be tapped the next day, but no amount of begging would make them tap that keg before its time. The return visit was well worth it!


veggie pizza with glass of dark beer
The Iechyd Da Brewing Company chef artfully placed only four baby spinach leaves on our veggie pizza…sigh, but the bartender was nice.
chalkboard wall in women's room with graffiti like I heart beer and we heart this place
Toilet tourism in the Women’s room at Iechyd Da Brewing Company.
piece of white cake with nutty, chocolate filling and a raspberry drizzle
This fabulous dessert lands on our table with fresh silverware thanks to the waitress at The Chubby Trout. We’re kind of full, but she talks us into t!
pretzel sticks in a vase-like container and beer
Pretzel sticks are great at The Chubby Trout!




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