No sprouts, no problem!

After months of adventuring in tobacco, corn and soybean growing country, I was desperate for some sprouts. Even plain alfalfa would do, but none of the local grocers carried them.

Do you have any sprouts,” I asked one young produce worker.

“Sure we do,” he said, and handed me a bag of Brussels sprouts.

So I searched out a health food store in Paducah, Kentucky, the Golden Carrot, and bought a small bag of seeds, and the clerk handed me directions for easy sprouting.

white crock with blue heart on it and sprouts inside

white glass bowl full of sprouts

It requires a dark and semi-cool environment, like a jar in the cupboard or a lidded crock on the counter. I found a cute little crock at the thrift shop and ran with it. I’m still searching for a bigger one that I like.


One tablespoon of seeds in the pictured crock is what I started with. I filled the crock to let them soak overnight or for eight hours. Drain the crock and gently fill and drain one more time. Seeds need rinsed and drained every morning and evening. Directions say be gentle, so I rinsed them good and then just let them hang out where they stuck on the sides of the crock instead of shaking them down into the bottom. It worked just fine.

After three days in the crock, those little sprouts are rather crowded, so I transfer them to a deep bowl and slap a plate on top. Nothing fancy required. The next day I fill the bowl with water and wiggle it a bit to loosen the seed heads. Most of them will flow out with the water when draining. I do that one more time, then I leave the lid off and set the bowl near some sunshine so the sprouts green up a bit before storing them in the refrigerator.

The one tool needed was the stainless steel mesh strainer, like the one in the pictured Amazon ad. The seeds shown in the other ad are the same ones I bought at the health food store.

Now we can have sprouts when we want!

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