Joey in the Hood

What began with a special request for a knitted hood with fake antlers for a Doodle named Ziggy became a passion for canine hoody design.

So far, there’s been two rainbow hoodies, two cammo hoodies, and a lavender hoody made. Each was made with a particular breed in mind, due to the different noggin and ear-hole requirements. And each hoody included a human item to match, such as a pair of knit hats, a headband, scarf, balaclava and fingerless gauntletts.

Interested in a custom hoodie for your dog? If so, reply for more information. Basic dimensions would be helpful, such as length from top of collar to base of tail (where tail meets hind end), neck circumference and distance between ears over top of head. Breed type would be helpful, as well as any color, yarn or embellishment preferences.

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