Gag gift for Dads?

What a hoot it was seeing Bob’s Butt Wipes when, just a few weeks before Fathers Day 2018, we bellied up to the parts bar at National Indoor RV Centers of Phoenix, Ariz. Parts Master Greg told us a vender provided them and a service customer graciously tested and approved the Outhouse spray. The spray reminded Alicia of the VIPoo and Poo Pourri products, except for the added benefit of toilet seal lubrication. Can’t beat that! Anyway, Greg wold be pleased to fill any orders for these products. Call him at 520-265-1400, or e-mail 

And if you do call, tell him Stu and Alicia sent you! Greg found obscure Blue Ox parts for us while we were there, and he let us know he could have beat the Honda dealership new battery deal for the towed (facepalm).

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