Friendly Fliers

Man in hat standing with model airplane in front of container storage shed with the letters S A G E painted on it
Stu finds perfect conditions at the SAGE Field, even though the wind was ripping through Tucson. Members say that breaks in wind patterns is one of the nice things about the place.

We met the friendliest RC flying enthusiasts when exploring different flying fields near Tucson this spring. While the field adjoining the Pima County Fairgrounds and the field on the southern end of Valencia are decent-sized and well taken care of, their gates are usually locked.

Our new favorite field, with no gate, is in Marana, which is just north of Tuscon. It’s operated by Southern Arizona Gliders and Electrics, or the SAGE Flyers. They don’t allow gas-powered models or drones of any kind. So, we gladly left the quads in their hangars and enjoyed the wonderful hospitality and friendliness of the SAGE flyers and their families.

A spotter is helpful here, due to the nearby small airport and duster activity, but the only near misses we saw were with the RCs.

During a leisurely morning of flying, they shared information about other, similar fields nearby, plus they turned us on to a fantastic event, the Wings of Freedom Tour. It was wonderful to see World War II aircraft in working condition and set up like a living museum, or an encampment.

Enjoy the photos, and to see where they are flying now, visit the Wings of Freedom Website.

an old style, glass IV bottle hanging on a metal stand. The red printing reads Mash 4077th Vodka
Hawkeye must be nearby.
World War Two era personal items, including toiletries, sewing kit and a round tin of Shinola, a brown shoe polish
If you didn’t know already, now you do. Shinola is a real thing, not just a word to follow sh–!
poster with list of flight prices
Start saving!
white line drawing on a drab green background of a famous World War Two character, with the words Kilroy was here. The top of a head with eyes and long nose shows over straight line depicting equipment or a wall he is peering over. This drawing of the classic character includes one short, zig-zagged hair sticking up at an angle, on the top right of an otherwise bald head
Just checking. Do you remember Kilroy?
The P51, a world war 2 fighter plane, is prepared for takeoff.
The P51 is prepared for takeoff.
back of man in olive green MASH uniform as he looks under the hood of a World War Two Jeep of the same color
Checking under the hood. Is there a secret stash?
man in World War Two officer uniform and hard-billed hat rides a period bicycle
In period dress, an ‘officer’ rides his bicycle around the encampment.

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