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Collected here in the form of Amazon links are the things I found helpful when traveling with pets. Formerly a field trial participant, the crates were my first buy, and the rest followed the more I traveled. I no longer travel with pets, but I love it when I’m lucky enough to meet new fur friends. See photos of these products and my beloved old pets here. And, scroll toward the bottom for more pet products I recommend, especially for dogs with allergies or long, floppy ears…

Pet Kennels

These are sturdy and easy to keep clean. For those who travel in a Class C, they wedge nicely between the table and dinette benches so dogs are not jostled around and feel secure. In a Ram with extended cab, two fit in the back seat, back-to-back. I’d put a towel over the side of the seat to keep paw prints from loading at a minimum. I bought one size larger than recommended for beagles. It was the first of the larger crates that did not have a handle on top.


Pet Fences

These fences worked great. They had staple-like stakes to keep the bottoms down on the ground, and I’d pound in 1/4 metal conduit stakes if permissible to add stability. One can also strap them to trees for the same purpose. The 18-inch fence fits great under fiver steps, the 24-inch size under the slide, and the 36-inch panels the rest of the way around.

18″-high panels from a different seller here.

Hammock style beds are fantastic! Dogs love them and they are easy to clean, if ever needed, with quick swipe while washing the RV.


This camp-chair-style bed is great for small dogs, and it folds up easy. We had the Coleman brand, with no replacement cover available at the time. It did fade in the sun and needed replaced after the second year of constant use.


Dog running collars were always the favorite choice for my hounds. They were much more comfortable for the dogs than other styles. Have the name, cell phone and email engraved on them!


Squirt Guns – Perfect for patio use when the dogs want to bark at passersby. These break kind of easy, but they don’t leak like so many others did.

Bark collars worked great for nuisance barking, but it takes a couple of weeks for training both dogs and humans.

The hands-free leash connector is great for reducing the impact of dogs that pull unexpectedly, and it’s even better to use for running or bicycling with them.


My set up for running the dogs included an electrified adult tricycle, a cargo rack and a wheelchair ramp to load the trike with.

Cargo Rack


Electric wheel kit. It doesn’t include the batteries or the wiring harness. The owner of the battery shop I went to made me a harness for $20. I bought an ammo box to hold the batteries and mounted it under the basket.

Before beagles, I had a hound dog who was allergic to everything under the sun. Dick Van Patten’s products became available at a time I was paying $150 a month for human transplant drugs to knock out his immune system. It was an absolute miracle! He had a new lease on life, and I was able to wean him totally off medications. Back then it was a sweet potato and duck formula. Patten also makes a sausage-like treat that he loved and would do anything for, but they changed the formula and added eggs. Instead, Alpo actually made treats with no corn or egg…variety snaps. But I always glanced at the labels, just for when recipes changed. The specialist gave me a list of tested allergens and told me to steer clear of all the most common, even if they weren’t on the list. So corn, eggs, peanuts and other common allergens were out. I’m so glad I never gave up searching for something other than the Science Diet alternative, which was not good enough nutritionally for growing or active dogs like him.


The BEST cleaner for floppy-eared dogs! I used it on them regularly, especially after swimming or running through wet landscapes. Other products did not compare. I’d also use it after emergency application of regular veggie oil when the hounds got loose in dry grass (possible grass seed heads in their ears). This stuff kept us from vet visits several times!

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