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Links are provided via affiliate programs. We have personally used and recommend the products displayed here, or similar items. Affiliate links provide a small commission to us, and no added cost to you. In no way do we receive kick-backs or other considerations when purchasing these products ourselves.

Wanted: A hat to adventure in!

Cheap, but it works! I traded out the Indiana Jones pin for a silver Kokopelli though. Just call us desert rats! LOL Click it!

Surge and Dip Protection!

We’ve been saved several times with this baby! Lifetime warranty, even for accidental causes! Great company.

Dash Cam!

After researching and trying out a few dash cams, the Spy Tech A119 wins our vote and shopping dollars! Click it!

Added Cams!

After a few near misses when side views would have been nice, we decided to expand our camera selection in the RV. We put the SpyTec on the passenger side window, and added this new one to the dash and driver side. Works great!

Tire Traker

This is the tire pressure monitoring system we bought at an RV show in Arizona. We’ve had issues with the batteries and a couple of the sensors, but the company stands behind their products and sends us new ones. They even replaced the receiver after it was broken – twice!

Must Have Small Appliances & RV things

Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator

Battery Can Opener That WORKS GREAT!

I paid more than Amazon is charging when I picked mine up in a kitchen-bath store several months ago. I’ve opened lots of cans since then and I haven’t had to change batteries yet. I just set it on top of a can and push the button. I turn around a few seconds later, once it has completed one circle and push the button again to stop it. EASY!

Basic Food Processor

I bought this one at Sears or JC Penny, I forget which, but the price was about the same. I was leery, but it has helped me make a lot of hummus since then! It’s also good at smoothies and banana-based “ice-cream,” but I can hear it struggle with frozen chunks, so I chop my fruit smaller before freezing now. I’ve also made pesto and some sauces with pureed veggies. So far, it’s lasted me more than two years of moderately heavy use.


Steam that food!

We use this for fish, veggies, Asian-style dumplings, rice…works fantastic and is easy to clean!



I paid less than $28 for this toaster on Amazon in 2013. Perfectly browned bread and bagels that almost jump out of the toaster. But the price is now more than $100!

Pop Corn!

It’s plastic, but it works! I think I bought mine at Walmart, but the cups have been hard to find in the stores of late. 

12-volt TV and DVD Player

Works great, but audio doesn’t get loud enough to hear if AC is running overhead in same room. One could plug in some sort of sound bar or external speakers to help, though. Was great while boon docking!

Shower Head with On-Off

Works great, no drips!

Solar charger

I purchased a suitcase-style similar to this one, but it’s not available at the moment. It was great for keeping the batteries in my old Class C charged while boon docking and not wanting to run generator.


Folding Rocking Chairs!

These were comfortable, but the price has gone up a lot since I purchased them back in 2013! The bottoms rusted a bit by the second year.

Cordless Vacuum!

This was fabulous in my old fiver, even with beagles!

Portable scooter

Great for those with mobility and lifting issues. It easily comes apart into four pieces and stows around fiver hitch in the pickup bed!

Love Hummers!

This worked great on the dinette window! It even stuck with me once on a travel day when I forgot to stow it.

Sewer stuff…best by far.

Black and Grey Tank Treatments

This is what our Entegra RV tech recommended to keep out tanks and sensors functioning properly.


When one likes a big pour over and a thermal pot.


Fresh Lemon!

Love this stuff! Great in iced tea, soups, etc.

Our favorite mustard!


TVP in bulk

For making homemade veggie sausage and steamed asian-style dumplings, sloppy Joe’s, etc…LOL

Love these beans!

Talk about fast food!


When you can’t find tahini in the stores, have it delivered!

Sushi Please!

Seaweed Salad!

Soak then mix with apple cider vinegar and a splash of sesame oil. OMG!


Soup & Seasoning

The veggie base is great for a salt substitute, too! The mushroom one is versatile as well.


When the doc says to take calcium with D…and a veggie lifestyle requires a B-12 supplement, one picks the best value!


Easy Wash and Wear

Shirt for bicycling or exercising in, easy wash and dry

Super slinky exercise, compression shorts.

Trekking poles!

We bought poles similar to these at an outfitter shop in Moab. We actually recommend such a purchase, since you can go back to the shop with problems. I needed instruction that did not come with the product, and the clerk was happy to show me adjustments, etc. I guess one could do that over the phone, but it was nice in person.


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