Blowout in the Nevada Desert!

alloy wheel with edges chewed upCommercial truckers and RVers have mostly adversarial relationships, this we know from colorful comments we’ve heard on the CB and seen on social media. And just two miles after spouting some ourselves at a trucker who crossed the center line, another one saved us from an expensive insurance claim, or worse! 

It was a hot and sunny day on a lonely stretch of Nevada Hwy. 95, between Goldfield and Hawthorne. We slowed to let a big red truck pass by, and the driver honked twice. We thought it was a thanks. About 20 minutes later there he stood alongside his truck in a wide spot. He waved us over.

View underneath RV, one of two visible leveling jacks is missing the pad.
“I saw something black fly off the back of your car,” he said of our towed. The tire was totally gone, and the rim was rather chewed up with one big dent in it. Later at camp, we found one of the jack pads missing, so we assume it fell off and caused the dent and blow-out.

Turns out those pads are held on with a short bolt and some blue lock tight. We found no adhesive residue in the bolt hole, and have since repaired it ourselves with help from tech support at Equalizer, a son’s air impact wrench and a healthy amount of blue goop and colorful phrases.

Hand holds mirror underneath jack shaft so viewer can inspect bolt hole.
We have enough goop leftover to remove, inspect and reinstall the other three jack pads, and will now add that to the list of annual inspection chores, though we sure wish we’d known about the possibility of detachment and need for regular inspection beforehand.

Naturally, it’s not covered under the Entegra warranty.

What an adventure. Us old farts are still learning something new every day!

Thank you Mr. Trucker, you’re an angel – a guardian trucker angel!


For repairs, we drove into Carson City to Discount Tire and Michael Hohl Honda. The service people at both locations offered excellent customer service. We recommend Discount Tire and the insurance they offer on each tire. It has paid for itself more than once! People at the Honda dealership were great about getting our replacement rim and splash guards in a timely manner, and they even found us some snaps and screws and showed us how to DIY things back together in the wheel well, all so we cold save our future pocketbooks from an insurance claim.

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