Beerknurds Rock!

giant soft pretzel with class of dark and creamy stout in background
Hot and yeasty pretzel perfection with a dark and creamy stout. Oh my…
wall full of beer taps lighted with greenish glow
We hit-the-jackpot! Find two empty barstools together, and bartenders help us choose the right draught, which means happy hoppiness for me, and something darker for Stu.

Besides the best pretzels we’ve ever tasted, we think the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium is one of the best bre-pubs around. If one is lucky enough to land a barstool, let the tasting begin!

Bartenders are very helpful when it comes to choosing the right draught, which might mean happy hoppiness for one, or something darker for another.

We discovered this particular UFO joy in Little Rock, Arkansas, and we’re glad to know they have a few other locations, including one we found in San Antonio.

Click to see if there is a Flying Saucer near you!

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