Beans and Greens

dish of black-eyed peas over fresh greens
Flavors are amazing in this feast-worthy dish of black-eyed peas.

Fast and easy, beans and greens can be a mash-up of many different things. My usual list of suspects includes sweet bells, sweet onion, garlic, and kale with pintos or kidney beans.

This perfectly simple meal begins with two hot pans and some chopped veggies. While the tortilla pan is heating, toss the onions and mushrooms into the hot veggie pan and sizzle for two or three minutes, then add the peppers and cook a couple more minutes.

Just before adding the kale, I splash a bit of whatever I’m drinking over the veggies, usually some happy “hoppiness.” A splash of veggie broth works just as well. Then add the kale and a serving-size piece of fish, if your pesky.

Clamp a lid on it and turn it down low for about four minutes, until the fish is done and the kale is wilted, yet still bright. Hopefully one cooks up a few tortillas or quesadillas while veggies are sizzling, cause we’re done in the kitchen already! Well, unless one wants to stop and slice a lemon or lime into wedges for serving.

Hot Veggie Pan: This ceramic frying pan is perfect for two small servings of beans and greens. It seems to need seasoning, though, like cast-iron, when cooking with liquids that thicken, such as in this recipe.

Tortilla Pan: This cast-iron griddle is perfect for heating tortillas, even on an induction stove.

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