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Chased by blasts of bitter cold from mesa tops suddenly covered with an icy white blanket, we finally get serious about our migration to San Antonio, Texas.

Hordes of winter Texans, like us, were already on the move, but instead of another Route 66 adventure, we took a short cut before Albuquerque in a diagonal streak south and east.

Highway 60 across New Mexico was good at first, newly paved. Although traffic was light to non-existent, the road soon degraded a bit, then narrowed about 45 miles west of the town of Vaughn.

We found a Passport America Park on our fave app, AllStays, and it was such an easy stop, we opted to take a two-day rest break and explore the Fort Sumner area.

The Billy the Kid Museum was fantastic in its awesome assortment of Americana. Not only could one learn interesting bits of old west lore, there were also collections from, well, the oddities of life in the USA.

There’s also nearby boon-docking available at a state park, close to where lie the graves of the Kid and his pals. One area was large and flat enough for a big rig, with some nice hidey-holes for smaller rigs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap the New Mexico POIs on our southern migration map for details.

Lost and found!

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Once in Texas, we enjoyed boon-docking at an Air Force museum, Hangar 25 in Big Springs. The World War II hangar made for a nice, naturally lit museum to spend a couple of hours in. We made a donation in lieu of an admission fee, and we bought some cute, hangar-themed wine cups.

Tip: To climb up into the nose of the B-52 cockpit, one better not have bad knees. Also, beware of nails and metal scraps on the back lot. Look first, or risk a flat tire, like the one we had.

Nose Art

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Favorite Find!

Here is the tire pressure monitoring system we bought. There have been issues, such as bad batteries, but as long as we stay on top of them, the product itself is fantastic. They stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty. Alicia accidentally broke off the antenna, and they replaced it quick and easy. Click it for details! See more of our favorite buys here!

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