Route 66 – Albuquerque

Route 66


A tall, insect-like figure outlines on a rockPetroglyph National Monument

Petroglyph National Monument is a must if one is anywhere near Albuquerque, New Mexico. First, though, we stopped in the city at Cummins Rocky Mountain for engine and generator oil changes. Electrical hookups for overnight is available, and we had time for shopping during the service appointment. There is also an interesting craft brewpub only two blocks away.

Dancing Eagle Casino RV Park, about 45-miles west of the National Forest, and almost an hour from Albuquerque, is where we parked for only $11.38 per night. Located at Interstate 40 Exit 108, it’s level, clean, buffered from wind and noise, no obstacles and no frills. Satellite and cellular worked great, forgot to check antenna TV. There were few options for vegetarians. I’m still wondering about those refried beans I had in a bean and cheese burrito. “We add water and steam them,” the cashier said. Okay. Gulp. We just wanted to show appreciation for the overnight bargain.

petroglyph of a rattle snake

Tip: Some RV parking was available at monument hiking sites. Or, pack a picnic lunch and beverages in your vehicle. Photo-happy people like us tarry longer  than one might think on the short hikes. Several people passed us by on the trail, and we’re sure they managed to run through the whole park in one day. We spent two hours gawking on one trail, ate a leisurely lunch with an adult beverage, and then we enjoyed another trail. Shadows lengthened quickly after that, so we decided to save the other two trails in great hopes of returning someday. If not for an upcoming family rendezvous, we would definitely have stayed for another full day of adventures.

petroglyphs of animals, such as deer or elk or bison

ground squirrel approaches man who sits in the shade at picnic table
Little opportunists,  ground squirrels scamper quickly toward humans who approach picnic areas. Signs on the way in expressly forbid feeding wildlife.

petroglyphs of two handprints and a spiral

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