Fayetteville Favorites

Fayetteville, Arkansas is one of our favorite cities to visit, especially if we can score a parking space near one of the greenway trails.  Buildings, streets and public places are remarkably clean and full of art installations and friendly people. There are also great places to find rich, dark brews and both fishy and vegan delights. Plus, Fayetteville serves as a great base for day trips to nearby attractions. Click on the pictures for more info and links, and scroll to the bottom for a map with all the points of interest.


Day Trips

Eureka Springs

Ozark Mountains, Population about 2,000.

The whole city, also known as the Stair-step Town is on the National Register of Historic places. Distinctive features include Victorian architecture and paint schemes along twisted and steeply sloped roads.

The commercial district isn’t very wheelchair friendly, but unique adventures in shopping makes the effort navigating cobbled and uneven terrain worthwhile. Bring a pocketful of quarters, nickels and dimes for the parking meters, or better yet, pay to park at the top of town and take the trolley.

For good eats in Eureka Springs, try The Cookery. We found it on Yelp, and are so glad we stopped by to try it. The counter features a deli display case full of fresh, and mostly local veggies. Our kind of place!


Population more than 47,000

Home of Walmart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt

The economy and lifestyle here are all about Walmart and all the benefits the Walton family brought to the region. Even broadcast network newscasters give weather and traffic reports based on the Walmart Home Office location. Walmart employees are helpful and take pride and ownership in their work, and the streets are clean and remarkably clear of graffiti. There are no panhandlers on every corner, though we did see a few hanging out by a downtown parking lot. Regionally, there is artwork in public places and fabulous greenways, all this and more is thanks, in a large part, to the Walton family via Walmart shoppers. So, don’t dis Walmart when in Northwest Arkansas. Bad Juju if you do.

One of the main Bentonville attractions is the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, founded by Sam and Helen Walton’s daughter, Alice.  Admission to the permanent collection is always free. Plan to spend at least one day here, and  eat at the café. There is always something new to see, and wonderful trails to ride and walk on. We enjoy return visits tremendously! Since it will probably be rush hour when one leaves Crystal Bridges, plan on stopping in downtown, have dinner out,  and spend an hour walking through the Walmart Museum, making sure to stop in the old-fashioned soda fountain on the way out.


It’s an ant armageddon around here with this favorite find! Other bait traps either took a month or more to work, or they failed completely. But sticking Combat Ant strips down in an active path was like ringing the dinner bell. The tiny ants are almost invisible, but they come …

No sprouts, no problem!

After months of adventuring in tobacco, corn and soybean growing country, I was desperate for some sprouts. Even plain alfalfa would do, but none of the local grocers carried them. Do you have any sprouts,” I asked one young produce worker. “Sure we do,” he said, and handed me a …

Smitten by Michigan!

From Spartan School shenanigans in Charlotte to the marvelous museums of Kalamazoo, we were smitten by Michigan!   Spartan RV Academy was great! Both of us learned a lot about our coach chassis. Knowing how our modern air brake system actually works, makes us much more comfortable. A personal driving …

Hungry for Tofu scramble!

Oops, I was so hungry for tofu scramble, I forgot to take a photo until it was almost gone. I’m so ashamed, especially after reading other recipe blogs with such stylish food art. This is a terrific RV-friendly breakfast, a genuine skillet meal that takes just a few ingredients to …

Madly in Love!

Besides a great selection of brews, the food selections were gastronomical at Mad Anthony’s in Auburn, Ind! Sorry we forgot to snap a photo of the food! It was so good we couldn’t put it down long enough. Our waitress approved of our every request. Can we have the veggie burger, …

Vegan and guilt-free collard wraps

Ingredients Large collard leaves, split with center vein removed Red bell pepper, sliced thin Cucumber, sliced thin Jalapeño, sliced thin Carrot, sliced thin Cabbage, sliced thin Cilantro leaves Tomato, quartered and sliced thin Hummus Mustard, balsalmic reduction, or dressing of choice Steps Wash collard leaves, remove the center veins and …