Joey needs a Special Human to Love

Little chihuahua in knitted rainbow hoody with ear holes.

Meet little Joey. He has a sad story, beginning before he ever found me three years ago at Water Canyon in Winnemucca, Nevada, where I was a volunteer with the BLM.

He had hay-bale twine tied so tightly around his neck, it was swollen around it. He growled at me when I tried to help, but he badly wanted the water that dripped from the hose on my camper. So I locked by dogs inside my RV and led him with a bowl of water into their little fenced yard.

I called the county animal control when he was secured, and by the time the officer arrived more than an hour later, he was sleeping in my lap. She had me hold him while she used a box cutter to cut that twine off one thread at a time, and then she took him away.

That was a Saturday. By the next day, I’d discovered there was no friends of the shelter group, no thrift shop or other organization to help, no facebook or other online presence that I could find. Afraid it was a high-kill place, I called and left a message. If no one claimed him, I wanted to rescue him and find him a home.

So a week later I paid the hefty fees, I think about $200, picked him up at the Veterinarian’s clinic where he’d been freshly neutered, and brought him home to my camper and two beagle girls. What a little Romeo.

Anyway, it became clear he was well loved at some time. He loved to be held like a baby to sleep, and he even held his little paws out to be dressed in a sweater. Lawd…what a little sweetie.

No one ever inquired about him at the campground where he found me, and a week or so later we hit the road for beagle field trials in Washington, where a family’s young daughter fell in love with him.

Tragically, they must now not be able to contain all the love this little guy has to give. He was constantly seen milling about at the neighborhood elementary school, and several times, neighbors tried to help by finding his humans and taking him home…until now.

Little Joey is now at the Kitsap Humane Society and up for adoption. I hope he finds a new human to love with his sewwt little heart. I think he needs a senior or retired couple who will hold him like a baby and stay with him 24/7, or make sure he’s locked up tight when he’s left alone.

I really don’t think he likes to be alone without a human. Maybe he could be one of those purse dogs…go everywhere his humans do? He’s small enough. 😜 Poor little dude ❤️🐾

Anyway, little Joey is guessed to be a Chi-Terr, LOL. A little short wire hair on top gives him a cute little ruffian look. The veterinarians who examined him seem to think he’s about 5 years old.

Thank you for reading his story!

Those interested in coming to little Joey’s rescue can do so at the following location:

Kitsap Humane Society
9167 Dickey Rd NW Silverdale WA 98383
Joey’s pet ID there is 69774
Adoption hours are 12-4:30 Monday, Weds, Thurs, Sat, and Sunday, 12-5:30 FRIDAY, and closed Tuesday.

Oh, and if his new human contact’s me, I will knit him another hoodie! I have the same colorful yarn, a green/brown cammo and a faded-denim blue.

Three dogs inside a temporary fenced yard beside an RV.
H Joey and the girls stretch their legs after a full day of traveling from Winnemucca toward Washington.
two dogs on a pet bed at sunset
Joey gets along well with Punky, a sweet beagle girl who enjoys sharing toys.

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